…and thanks for all the star-spawn!

So, when I started writing this blog, I was writing this, writing some books, and working 3/4-time in retail. I’m now working 1/2 time in retail, but also going to school for my MA in Writing and Rhetoric full-time. Something has to give, and I’m afraid it’s this.

The blog will close down for the foreseeable future – at least through the end of the year, while I work on academics and writing that pays. Thanks for coming on this weird little journey with me.



2 thoughts on “…and thanks for all the star-spawn!

  1. I am sorry to see this go, Richard. Lest you did not know it, you brought a much needed voice to role-playing, as far as I can find on the Web. Mike Morrison and Scott Rehm are the other voices. I certainly can appreciate the demands on your time and the fact this is just a leisure hobby pursuit. I want you to know that, despite the fact I have so far only seen one comment on what you have written in the past – admittedly I have not read every post – I believe you have many interested readers. I think having the inherent permission to play RPGs, and that that permission is granted from amongst the group regardless to the rulebooks, is an important message for this hobby; and one that neither flatters nor profits its game designers. This is a core sentiment in the old analogy of role-playing as cowboys and indians, which I fear has been irredeemably lost in the gaming industry machine of iterations upon iterations upon iterations which serve only to process players as done in board games.

    Keep your Twitter going! I look forward to reconnecting with you in the future especially since we share common ideas as well as interests. Maybe you might consider guest writers on this blog at a future point…?

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